January 5, 2011

he can dance if he wants to

i typically listen to music on the way in to work.
my selection tends to focus on musical theatre and folkish/sleepy music.
the last few days i have been listening to the musical tick, tick...BOOM!
(want more info on the show? you should. it's lovely. tick,_tick..._Boom!)

this morning it was my turn to drop off the boys at daycare.
if i haven't yet made this clear on the blog, benny is opinionated.
sometimes he forms a strong opinion on a random song and gives it his official yay or nay.
this yay or nay tends to be eternal from what i can tell.

today, he decided that the last, fully instrumental, song 30/90 Playout was officially the best thing ever.
i was able to deduce this through his subtle bellowing of "no, mamma, you make my song be gone!" each time it ended and went back to the beginning of the show.
so, we listened to this song quite a few times on the way in to work.
benny carseat-danced to the song, in its entirety, each time.
(if you are not familiar with this form of dance it involved much wiggling of the tush, some general kicking and the occasional jazz hands.)
he danced to the point that anth finally intervened to ask, "hey, um. mom? do you think maybe we should just stop playing this song and let him yell? i mean, he just...keeps...moving. like, a lot."

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