January 4, 2011

PHP 3: Crossed Signals

much like in our house, my mom also plays Christmas music on a somewhat constant basis throughout the season.
she tells me that this year, my dad asked for it after Halloween.
he may have actually beat Hallmark to the punch.
but, i digress...

so, per usual, the seasonal music was playing.
i was sitting at the kitchen table helping anth with a craft project.
Santa Claus is Comin' to Town was playing in the background.
i suddenly felt a few cold little fingers playing with my foot under the table.
assuming that it was not my parents or husband crawling around down there, i began our usual game of "oh, no! where's ben? i can't find ben!"
the exact rules of hide-and-seek are still lost on our littlest person.
typically he responds by quickly shouting out his hiding place.

the cold fingers came off of my foot and at full volume, ben hollered,
"Mom! I'm under the table! I'm telling you why!"
"you better not pout."

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