January 3, 2011

PHP 2: in-flight service

i am a slow packer of suitcases.
i make a list.
i check it more than twice.
and, when we are traveling to California, i tend to start a few days in advance.
this year was no different.
as anth noted the pre-travel preparations beginning in our house, he asked if we were getting ready to go see Grandma and Grandpa.
i told him we were and he followed up by asking if the flight would be the same as last year.
our 2009 California flight was a particularly bumpy ride at points, so i was working my way through my best honest-but-not-unsettling response to this question when he stopped me to clarify, "no, mom. i mean...will there be refreshments?"

yes, honey.
your flight will be catered.

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