March 14, 2011

my little multi-tasker

sometimes at bedtime, anth and i read books.
sometimes i read.
sometimes he reads.

but, sometimes, we choose just to "chat a bit."
this generally involves hanging out on our bellies, or lying on our backs and staring at the ceiling.
these chats include things that happened at school, or what we want for our birthday, or why boys grow adam's apples, etc.

the other day we were there on our backs, chatting about the merits of BeyBlade v Ninjago toys for anth's birthday, and i noticed that his speech was slowing a bit.
i glanced over and saw that he was talking with his eyes closed.
so, silly me, i asked him if he was too tired to chat and if he was ready to go to sleep.

"mom. i can close my eyes and  talk at the same time. i mean, you're the one who keeps saying i'm pretty talented."

i'm fairly certain this wasn't the skill set i was identifying, but two points for self-confidence.


  1. As I've mentioned in the past, I share you blog with my mom. After our usual laugh she said "she sounds like a good mom". While I certainly agree, you can't begin to know what high praise that is from my mother who has pretty high standards.

  2. By the way, this is Sue Foster posting above. . . as it didn't use my AIM handle