March 25, 2011

fail photo 25. . . b-day behind the scenes

i've received several kind compliment regarding the photos taken on benny's birthday.
due to a personal penchant for transparency, i felt compelled to share these ones as well.
this is the other half of what the day looked like. 

savarese b-day: the real world edition.

we asked benny to stand behind mom for a cheesy mockery of family photos. 
apparently, we did not indicate clearly that we wanted him to stand upright.
a few more inches and the little man would have leaned right out of the photo.
or just fell over.

when he eventually decided to stand up, benny experienced an overwhelming urge to attack. 
here is the deep breath going in...

and here is the full-fledged "raspberry" being applied to mom's face.

delicately declaring his love of birthday cake.
he is a man of subtlety.

i asked for silly.
i got this.
which i would categorize as something closer to frightening.
perhaps, even, disturbing.

i didn't ask anth for "silly" here.
in fact, i asked for nothing.
this was about to be a really cute picture of my little nuggets.
and then benny pinched his older brother on the back.
this is anth's very genuine reaction to sudden, unexpected, pain.
and benjamin smiling sweetly through it all.
which, i have to say, is exactly what happens when people stop being polite...and start being real. 


  1. hahahahahaa I still think that raspberry one is pretty adorable though :)