March 23, 2011

sometimes, there's not enough caffiene

this is often the case for me.
it was expecially so on monday.
when my mom, dad and i raided my kitchen/pantry area.
multiple times.
looking for my baking soda.

which i swore that i, of course, had.
because who doesn't have baking soda?

oh, that's right.

remember this?

thankfully, my mom eventually remembered this old blog post.
becuase i didn't.
even though i wrote it.
and filmed it.
and it was technically a three part post.

and, yes, i am calling myself out.
i clearly have not had baking soda in my house for three months.
i am no martha stewart, but i actually do love to bake.
clearly, i have had a few things on the plate this quarter.

those of you who know my mother will not be surprised to find out that she has since gone to Kroger, bought baking soda, and made peanut butter cookies while i was at work today.
all is right in the world again.
thanks, mom.


  1. But did she bake enough to share? OSU is just like elementary school - you have to bring enough for everyone. I'll be waiting in Mendenhall....

  2. actually, we are not longer allowed to share in kindergarten.
    peanut and gluten allergies and whatnot...