March 21, 2011

grad-dads and granddads

while i continue my committment to being a lazy poster while my parents are in town, i thought that a few quick photos of bern's big day were in order!

it all started here.
with this tree.
and me and my dad on our back porch.
testing out the zoom lens for my camera.
...we were curious how far it would actually zoom.

once again, i play the part of awkward neighbor as i aim my zoom lens into someone else's backyard.
a sea of silly hats.
and one, amidst the yellows, that i couldn't help but love.
it said "it's a girl!"
dear whoever you are, congrats!

bernie standing up to have his degree conferred by President Gee!
(you can actually see him about three folks in from the ramp, looking slighlty to his right in front of the folks with the yellow hoods.)

bern making his way down the ramp with degree in hand!

aside from looking up to see dad at the appropriate times, the gravity of the event was somewhat lost on our favorite kindergartener.
but, he was super excited to have 6 times his usual allotment of Nintendo DS time.

bern came to find us up in our seating area after the ceremony!

here are my folks with bern!

and 4 generations of savvy men back at our house after the ceremony to celebrate!
with a side of Wish Bear.

benny intently discusses something relating to the number four with uncle frank's fiancee, nicole.

and, after the party, my pops helped grab a photo of bern and i in the backyard.
this time there are people in front of the camera, pointing in the same direction as the morning's creep-zoom-photo

and, of course, anth's journal o' the day.
with a lovely depiction of bern's gown.
which, apparently, was mainly sleeves.

congrats again to our savvy daddy!

(he might have my hide for mentioning this, but bern was honored with the Weidler Scholars award for academic achievement in his program by the Fisher School of Business!
smart boys are sexy!)


  1. Congrats again Bernie! What an awesome achievement! I love the posts Krystyne, thanks so much!

  2. Congrats, Bernie! Love the pictures of the beautiful family. Anthony looks so much like Bernie in the photo of the two of them.
    And I think Anthony is on to something with the sleeves being bigger than any other part of the gown. :)