March 15, 2011

that kid's a hoot

this weekend is going to be a busy one. 
various parts of both of our families will be in town for a succession of celebrations. 
friday night is bern's more intimate, sit-down dinner, graduation ceremony that is put on by the Fisher College of Business in OSU's Faculty Club. 
Saturday some of the fam will be coming over to hang out and do a fun lunch/cake party just to socialize and give some attention to the fact that it was just benny's birthday. 
(and, hopefully, i will get to spend some quality time with Natalie Hosfeld and Liz George from my early years in Baker West!)
and then we will round it out with the good old fashioned pomp and circumstance by taking anth to see daddy walk at OSU's Winter Commencement, followed by more family fun back at the savvy residence. 

and then i have some fun "staycation" time coming up.
so, the next two weeks will probably be fairly uneventful here at My Savvy Boys. 

personally, this has been a very fun week filled with lots of lovely Baker West and OTL students, past and present.  
a surprise visit from Joe Barone on Friday after a visit to rehearsal with Kayla Cardenas.
Natalie and Liz this weekend. 
making plans for a photography lesson followed by more fun with Priscilla Ertel.
Kelsey Tschanen today.
and yes, Mike DeSantis, you tomorrow. :)
what i'm saying is, my heart is full.
thanks and much love to each of you. 
especially Erich. 
who is perpetually behind on his savvy reading. 
but, Arlene will let you know. ;)

for those of you about to gag...

love and nostalgia aside, anth quizzed me today on my favorite animals. 
i've never been able to answer this question. 
i like owls and doves and dogs and raccoons and tigers and...
he informed me that raccoons were "an odd choice." 

and then he handed this over a little while later. 

this makes it official. 
i like owls best. 

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  1. I am super jealous of all the OTLove going on in your life right now and wish I could partake in this wonderful event! Love reading the blog miss you bunches