May 2, 2011

incentive system gone wrong

while benny was potty training, bern and i tried a variety of approaches.
the winning one with benny, not surprisingly, was candy.
put a few m&m's on the table (literally and figuratively) and he was in.

unfortunately, now that he has been trained for quite some time, he still occasionally forgets that this is no longer part of the picture.
he woke up recently and immediately asked to go to the "potty."
while sitting there, still bleary eyed and with blanket-imprints on his cheeks, he asked, "mommy, is pee-pee for candy?"
(this was his bartering method while we were training.)

i explained that it was too early for candy, and that he could have a treat after lunch or dinner.
"oh no...."
"can i have my lunch for bweakfast?"

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