May 3, 2011

(almost) exactly alike

the boys LOVE PillowPets.
not sure what those are?
(this would mean that you have not entered a mall anywhere in America in the last 6 months or so.)
they are these lovely creatures.
as their jingle that elaborates on the name explains: "it's a pillow. it's a pet. it's a PillowPet."

our friend the Easter bunny granted the boys their utmost PillowPet desires.
anth now has a horse.
benny has a lion.
they are pretty excited about these, and ben's wanders about the house with him right now.

here they are.   
ben was a little too excited to pose properly with his new friend.  
but eventually, he calmed down. 

while putting anth to bed the other night, he asked me if i would like a PillowPet.
he informed me that he could maybe get me one for my birthday.
or something.
(his words.)
he then asked me to pull up their website on my phone so i could tell him which ones were my favorite.
we did this.
(the giraffe and brown bear were the clear front runners, in case you were wondering about my stance on the cuteness of specific PillowPets.)
we then moved on to other topics like baseball and how many days is it until the weekend...

while i was doing my makeup before work the next day, anth came in to tell me he had come up with a new idea for my PillowPet.
he had decided that we should have matching PillowPets.
so, he said, he was going to get me the Unicorn.
"because, mom, a unicorn is really just a horse with a horn, so then we can match. only yours will look a lot more magical than mine. but i'm okay with that."

some points you just can't argue.

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