June 20, 2011

they glued my sweet boy's face

currently, anth and bern are sitting at the local urgent care. 
anth may or may not need stitches. 
in his face. 
ben may or may not be the reason. 

(we are watching my friend's daughter on thursday. 
though my recent posts have been injury-related, i promise you heather, your daughter will be safe.
just sayin'.)

upon reading this, i am sure that my mom will be reminded of the time she took me for stitches. 
(i am also sure that she will probably have called me by now and get to this point in the post later. her grandmaness is amplified by her experience as a nurse.)
the cause of my visit?
we lived in a new development and my friend kari and i were throwing giant rocks around in the yard and one landed on my hand. 
the tip of my ring finger split open and, like a genius, i started shaking it around and screaming. 
this resulted in blood spraying everywhere. 
kari ran up the street and told her mom she had, essentially, "killed krissy."
her mom, kathy, promptly came down to our house to assess the situation and she saw us into our car as we headed to the urgent care. 
it took so long for the doctor to come, because he was tending to a girl who was involved in some awful rollerskating accident (not kidding), that my finger healed enough for me to be bandaged and released. 
in the meantime, while listening to the girl screaming next door, i developed and explained a plan to my mom in which i would escape through the window in the room and she would meet me in the parking lot. 
thus, i would not have to get stitches. 
my 4th grade logic failed to consider the fact that my mom might be on the doctor's side. 
anyway...all vital signs are good, organs are intact and at this point the boys are just bored of waiting for the doctor.

i am distracting my self (AKA, trying not to text bernie every 5 minutes for updates) by blogging. 
this brings me to an entirely different thought. 

i have officially been a slacker. 
let me clarify. 
i have been a slacker about blogging. 
bern and i have actually been running around doing a variety of things the past few weeks in an effort to 
"catch up on life." 
we have hit a lot of those little projects that have been in the back of my mind but completely ignored while bern was in school. 
we went through the closets for donations. 
went through the boys' rooms to dig out all of the too-small clothes we have been sorting through each morning. 
cleared out the random junk drawer in the kitchen. 
refolded the linen closet. 
it has been an odd combination of utterly-lame-meets-completely-gratifying work.

in the midst of these "projects," i have not been as good as i should have at writing down the boys' interactions and random remarks. 
my colleagues can attest to the fact that if i don't write something down, it's as good as gone. 
i work in a long hallway, and my office is at the end of it. 
the hallway is thick with ideas that i have lost on my journey from one end to the other. 
Alice is at the opposite end of the hallway.
she bears the brunt of my random, "um. i know i had a question for you..." visits.
aka, my adoration of office supplies, specifically pens and notepads, is not completely random. 
they are pivotal to my ability to function as a human being. in general. 

lots of funny things happened over the last week. 
i just can't quite tell you what they are. 
i can tell you that that boys had a hilarious, if not a bit belabored, conversation in the car this morning in which anthony declared that benny was "fierce," and benny was terribly insulted and protested accordingly. 

the reality is that my friend kelly is going to be staying for 5 days starting next week. 
the savvy clan is pretty excited about this visit. :)
but, i imagine that she would rather have a clean space to stay in during her visit, than, perhaps, a clean kitchen drawer and impressively organized linen closet. 
so i need to do a bit more cleaning. 
and then i need to do lots of chatting and catching up in a 5 day span. 
but, in the meantime, i will be better about capturing the boys' "moments."

in the interim, i had to share this little gem. 
i'm not usually one to randomly share YouTube videos. 
and it appears that i'm a year behind on this one. 
but the lovely Susannah Turner shared this one today and it was too good not to pass on. 
'tis a hilarious little tribute to all the dad's out there
(especially the ones with dozens of dollars.)
and the ones who take their little men to the waiting room and calm them down and hold their hands and make everything better. 
(and, final verdict? anth has been officially glued back together and is on the way home.)

AKA, i can stop typing now. :)

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