June 26, 2011


this week, the boys had a play date with a new friend, Alex. 
she is very sweet, and a total hoot. 
anth was with bern and I on and off this week due to the fact that he couldn't go back to sports camp. 
so, it was just anth and i on the way home to said play date. 
anth was asking me about alex, and suggested we have a "pizza party." 

to anth, pretty much any occasion has pizza potential. 
he suggested pepperoni. 
he always suggests pepperoni. 
this he gets from bern.
i explained that alex's family was vegetarian.
my sister, Katie, and her boyfriend Jeff are also vegetarian. 
they visited us in Ohio last fall, so i thought that i could use them as an example. 

anth needed a refresher. 
i explained what "vegetarian" meant. 
anth asked why people would not eat meat.
i explained that there were a variety of reasons ...medical/health/environment/preference/for the animals, etc....
anth was not buying most of my explanations.
until i mentioned the animals. 
this made him take pause. 

"well, mom. i really do like animals."
"i know you do, anth."
"um, so...i think i'll be a vegetarian who only eats animals from the store."

first, i wondered...where did he recently see someone get their meat from somewhere other than a store? 
(yes, this is possible. just not in the realm of his daily life.)
then i tried to dig a little deeper in my explanation of the term "vegetarian."

he sat on this one for a minute while we drove down Riverside. 
"okay. then i'll be the kind who only eats animals baked."

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