July 8, 2011

fail photo friday 30: now available at Target...

those of you who have been reading mysavvyboys from the beginning may recall the fact that all three of my boys love Oreos.
so, it should come as no shock that, when i made a recent run to Target (to stock up on a few things before heading off to New Orleans today for the 2011 Association of College and University Housing Officers-International Annual Conference & Exposition) last weekend, i received an emergency call from bern.
indicating that we were out of Oreos.
lest i leave him in such a state of disarray while at a 5 day conference, i promptly made my way to the cookie aisle.
(lovin' the expanded groceries at Target these days. bless them for making it harder for me to leave the store.)

upon entering the cookie section, i was excited to see a sale flag near the Oreos.
what can i say?
i love a deal.
but, when i got close enough to read it, i laughed out loud.
really loud.
if you haven't spent quality time around me, you might not know that this means that the people in the checkout area probably heard me laugh.

why the sudden outburst?
because i'm pretty sure that the employee who designed this particular ad was feeling a little cheeky.

regardless, i'm really excited for the conference.
my goals?
see lots of lovely old friends and colleagues, hit up all sessions related to RA recruitment, attend the book club sessions to celebrate my bookishness, and try to learn a bit more about Twitter for both professional and personal reasons.
because i made a mysavvyboys twitter account recently.
but i'm pretty sure i'm an epic twitter failure so far.
anyway, if you see my boys while i'm away, give them a hug (better yet, an Oreo) for me!

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