August 25, 2011

there's a 1st for everything

thought i feel no older, or wiser, than the day he was born, it's official. 
we have a first-grader in the savarese home. 

of course, anth already knew what this meant. 
he got dressed. 
combed his hair. 
and got ready for mom to take his picture. 

anth was all confidence and excitement. 

this leads to the giggles. 

which leads to full blown laughter. 

ben was largely excited for his big brother to go to "big boy school."
his only issue with the whole thing? 
he wants new shoes like anthony's. 
in this case, the apple does not fall too far from the paternal tree. 
seeing as the shoes are my personal favorite colors, i will be happy to oblige when he transitions into preschool in early september. 

this is anth patiently waiting for the bell to ring so he could go to his classroom. 
(and that is benny not-so-patiently "waiting" behind him.)

the bell finally rang and anth beelined to his classroom, put his backpack in his cubby, and took his seat. 
he was ready. 

it seemed that daddy, however, was not. 
here is bern taking a step back to steal one last look into the classroom. 
wholesome. :) 

anth dutifully came home and showed us his take-home folder. 
he told us some of what they did in class. 
he gave us a rather physical demonstration of what the playground equipment included. 
he shared concern over the fact that his teacher gave out candy and that he thought, perhaps, this was not the best idea to give out sugar during school. 
finally, he gave an overall two thumbs up to his day and to going back tomorrow. 

one of my colleagues asked me today if i cried while dropping him off. 
this is normally something i would do. 
to be honest, it was a bit of a whirlwind, and he was just so darn excited that it didn't seem to warrant tears. 
but,  just to be sure this person knows that i'm still utterly me, i just teared up loading these photos. 

he's growing up so fast. 
and he's doing a beautiful job of it. 

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