October 13, 2011

brotherhood: a 2-minute pictorial

my parents were just in town for two weeks. 
we had a great time together, but i neglected a few of my favorite shows while they were here. 
so, in an effort to catch up on the latest with Parenthood, etc., i am totally phoning it in tonight. 
here is a fun exchange between the boys caught on camera.
by me. 
sitting on the couch across from them last weekend. 

anth has a DS.
ben does not. 
ben has, surprisingly, accepted this fact.
he knows that his only role when it comes to the DS is to be an observer. 
this is his hesitant approach to see if anth will let him watch over his shoulder. 

permission granted. 

look at benny.
i love the brief look of older-brother-adoration.

then, concentration on the game. 
generally, the investment in watching a game one is not playing only lasts so long.
which leads to boredom. 
which leads to . . .

allow me to introduce you to benny's Thor hammer. 
you can never really know just when this thing will show up out of nowhere. 
trust me. 

{note: no anthonys were injured in the production of this post.} 

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