October 11, 2011

an "s" changes everything

my parents have been visiting from California. 
today is their last day here. 
this morning, my mom offered to drop anthony off at school. 
he declined. 
he told them that he would rather i take him so that they could focus on packing their things. 

as i drove anth to school, i asked him about this. 
i explained that, perhaps, it would have been nicer for him to spend the time with his grandma. 
anth immediately got the look on his face that appears when he has been operating on good intentions and things go awry. 
he looked crushed. 
"but, mom! i didn't want to hurt her feelings! i just don't want her to forget anything here. 
especially her delicates!"

i asked anth to explain what he meant by grandma's "delicates."
"you know mom. like her iPod and stuff."

"anth, i think you mean things that are delicate, not delicates."
sometimes plurals aren't just plurals. 

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