October 14, 2011

fail photo 41: common denominator

i have an endless supply of these "fail photos"
like, say, the one below of anthony. 

anth was 11 months old here. 
he was sitting under the desk while bern was working, and he had put on bern's old headphones. 
he looked particularly cute, so i grabbed the camera. 
and ended up with this. 
not quite as cute as what i was originally viewing. 
for a long time, i blamed a portion of these failed attempts at cuteness on my pathetically slow camera. 
then we got a "better" one. 
still a point-and-shoot, but more up to date. 
because of its size, it's what i took with me to anth's first day of 1st grade. 
(i didn't want to embarrass him too much.)
ben was being particularly sweet, and i wanted to capture the moment. 

clearly, ben attempting to eat anth's face wasn't what i was trying to capture.

nor was i attempting to document anth wiping off ben's kiss. 
obviously, this is the fault of my slow camera. 
thankfully, bern got me a "big girl" camera last christmas. 
problem solved. 

thank goodness i have my new camera to catch sweet smiles like this.  

and delightful images like this. 

and, especially, this. 
which, i believe, is ben doing what Tyra Banks has recently termed a "booty tooch."

obviously, the problem was the camera. 

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