October 3, 2011

little blue folder - unrequited love notes

last week, i shared what i deemed as a "love note" that came home in anth's folder from school.
anth's female friend struck again with another note.
this one was received with much less fanfare from anth.
as in, when we went through his folder together at the end of the day, he pulled out the following note, looked at it with disgust, and tossed it aside on the kitchen table.
curious as to what drove this reaction, i unfolded the paper to take a look.
and found this:

fun seemed like a relatively safe thing to express fondness of, so i asked him why he had such a strong reaction to it.
"mom, this note doesn't even make sense. she should have said 'i like to have fun."

for a moment, i was totally torn between pride and concern.
i mean, i also judge grammar on occasion.
but, sheesh, anth.
live a little.

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