April 11, 2012

anth's not 6 anymore!!!

anth started baseball practice today. 
on his SEVENTH birthday!!!!! 
seeing as he is starting baseball, it seemed like a good time to put up a post about his basketball season.
and because we are busy prepping birthday extravaganza fun, this was an easy way to post.

daddy played assistant coach.
anth spent equal parts time chatting and playing.

love this kid.
you can almost see the look of shock on his face. . .

and the awesome on-court expressions just keep coming...

anth in action.

i love that bern looks about 9 feet tall here.
and genuinely happy to be back out on the court.

but totally ready.

the last-game-of-the-season awards.
he was so proud.
his adoring fan.
my favorite boys.

i still remember my little sister's 7th birthday.
mainly because, as i walked into the house after riding the bus home, all 40 pounds of her burst through the garage door to declare, "I'M NOT 6 ANYMORE!"

last night, my mom told anth, "when you wake up in the morning, you won't be six anymore."
dead pan, he responded, "obviously."

a very happiest of birthdays to my serious but sweet birthday boy!

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