April 13, 2012

(not actually a) Fail Photo of Me #54

did you really think i was going to post a tragic picture of myself?
if you did, you are just silly.
i have far too many to choose from to spend my time on that. . .
if you really wanted a fail photo, here you go:

(this was legitimately how anth smiled for a while there. . . thankfully this sorted itself out eventually.)
now you have a Friday Fail Photo.
bonus prize: you get a story, too.
here's how it goes:

recently, i walked in to the Kroger near benny's day care.
i grabbed a few items, including a bottle of wine.
at the register, the cashier asked to see my ID.
he glanced at the date on the card, and instantly exclaimed, "OH MY GOD!"
it was a visceral response.
i thought maybe a spider had crawled onto his hand from the way he was looking at it.
(don't ask. it's just the first thing that came to mind at 5:46 in Kroger.)

he then looked up at me to share, "you TOTALLY don't look as OLD as you ARE."
i am going to choose to perceive that as a compliment and not a testament to false advertising on my part.

mental note: raise boys not to give backhanded compliments.
or fronthanded insults?
i'm not sure.
just raise more savvy boys.
not MORE savvy boys.
2 is enough.
just savvier boys.
don't want to start any rumors...

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