April 20, 2012

fail photo 55 - sleep talking

today i have been wandering about campus, playing host to a lovely person who is interviewing to serve as a Hall Director here at OSU next year.
mainly, this looks like me walking her around to interviews, making sure she gets fed, and making lots of small talk along the way.
and trying to give people the "5 minute warning" in the least awkward way possible.

in the middle of this, i had a few minutes to stop and check email.
an email from ben's classroom caught my eye.
whenever i see an email from benny's daycare teachers, i check that first.
typically, ben has injured himself.

today, that was not the case. . .

i love these little gems (about our little gem) from school.
apparently benny has not only been blessed with my sometimes feisty spirit, but also my love of a little taskiness.

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