April 23, 2012

the moral of the story...

this weekend, we watched Thor for our saturday night movie with the boys. 
this involves moving our lounge chair over next to the couch, and all four of us piling in a small space together. 
and lot of popcorn. 
sweet for the boys. 
salty for mom. 

anyway, we were watching Thor. 
at one point, his hammer, or Mjolnir, is stuck in the ground. 
his father, Odin, has stated that it can only go to the person who is worthy of it/ready for it/i forget exactly what the parameter was. 
think Merlin, but a hammer. 
anyway, Thor makes his way to the hammer and goes to pull it out of the ground. 
no such luck. 

benny was really confused as to why Thor couldn't pick up his hammer. 
bern suggested, "maybe he needs to be a little more good inside."
anth, completely serious, "maybe he needs to work out a little more."

yep, anth.
that's it. 
the point of the Thor movie is to push the wellness agenda in America. 

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