April 18, 2012

of this i am confident...

. . . i am raising boys who will shut the door when they enter a single-person restroom.

instead of, perhaps, someday being college students who leave the door 3/4 open.
while piddling.
in a restroom that opens to a public hallway.
a hallway, in fact, of offices.
perhaps i should mention. . . said restroom is DIRECTLY across from a person's office.
in which they are sitting.
at their desk.
facing said open restroom door.

i guess the good thing is that, today, i was not the person sitting in the office the whole time.
(officially and forevermore this office shall be known as the "room with a view.")
the not-so-good thing is that i was the one who walked into the seemingly-open-but-definitely-in-use restroom.

there are days when i wonder if, during the mayhem and madness of our lives, i am doing my best to raise these amazing boys of ours.
and then something like this happens.
and i know that, if nothing else, i taught them to shut the restroom door.
little victories.

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