April 26, 2012

missing something? ben probably ate it.

benjamin's stomach is a black hole.
i'm fairly certain he consumes more in an hour than a member of the Ohio State football team takes in all day. 
and by fairly certain i mean not at all certain. 
i haven't really spent any one-on-one time with the football team.
but, you get the point. 

the kid can eat. 

yesterday he shoveled in a rather impressive dinner, ate his 2 Girl Scout cookies for desert, and then came back for a string cheese followed by a fruit snack within the hour. 
he made his way back over to me after his second post-dinner-and-dessert snack. 
he leaned over with a concerned look on his face. 
"i think my dinner got stuck in my throat, mommy."
i briefly wondered if he was in physical pain before he clarified, "because i feel like i'm still empty in my tummy."

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