May 29, 2012

House is not a home

so. . .
per usual as of late, i've been M.I.A.
when things get busy, i get bad about jotting the funny things that happen down in my phone. 
this turns into me instantly forgetting the funny things that happened. 
or, it being so long between when i jot these random notes down and the time that i go back to them, that i can't exactly remember what my shorthand meant. 

this past weekend, my friend kelly was in town.
the week before that, i was spending my evenings slowly trying to reassemble my house. 
ironically, one of the few things that stopped me from actually working on my house was watching House. 
as in Dr. Gregory House, MD.
as in the series finale. 
as in, sigh. 

funny enough, when i flipped back through my phone for blog fodder this week, i came across this note from December: 
"anth - it must have been on that show Home."
i have no idea why he said this. 
or what we were talking about.
or when it was, other than December. 
but i do know he was making a close-but-not-quite reference to House. 
and that i found it cute enough at the time to jot it down. 
apparently, not cute enough to do anything else with it. 

House is over. 
and i know i sound absolutely ridiculous saying this, but in the spirit of authenticity... when shows like this end, i go into a tiny little version of TV mourning. 
well, let me clarify. 
when Ally McBeal, e.r., and now House have ended, i have experienced TV mourning. 
what can i say? 
in the case of house, i spend 176 evenings of my life with him and his various team members. 
this is more evenings than i have spent with many real humans that i actually enjoy. 
and, the bookish English major in me has always enjoyed an intriguing character. 
for the past 8 years, House has been that character for me. 
so, last monday night, i literally sat upstairs in bed, while bernie worked on a project downstairs, and just held my remote for a few minutes before i forced myself to hit play. 
i had a tiny little pit in my stomach. 
i do this with really good books as well. 
save the last ten pages/chapter/etc. for a few days. 
i don't like to put good characters to rest. 
i have already told bernie that i want to watch all 8 seasons over again. 
he is sweet and nods while i'm blathering on. 

thankfully, the same week that took away my flawed-yet-endearing Gregory House brought back my favorite reality show, So You Think You Can Dance. 
this is especially exciting because it is also one of anth's favorite shows, and one that i tape and watch with him. 
tonight, we finished dinner and bath ahead of schedule, and bern was on the road on the way home from a work event. 
so the boys and i sprawled out on our stomachs on my bed, and we put on the show to watch the last half hour of last week's season premier. 
anth was focused. 
benny was. . . benny. 
he squirmed. 
he sat on our backs. 
he tried to jump high enough to reach the ceiling fan. 
for about 43 seconds, he gave up and watched the show. 
then he got back up and started dancing. 
this was a rather hilarious 30 seconds of my life. 
then, the garage door went up and ben dashed off to greet daddy.
anth linked his ankle around mine and said, "finally, us time."
and my heart melted a little. 

then he turned to me, "mom, isn't this great that we have this time?"
i nodded.
then, "i won't be offended, but i have to know. which one of us is your favorite? i mean, no pressure, but you have to have one."
i asked him if it would be hard to pick a favorite between mommy and daddy because we were so different. 
he said yes. 
i stayed quiet. 
a few moments later, he leaned over, "that was tricky of you."

but it worked. 

(disclaimer: i sat here for approximately 23 seconds, because that is all my train of thought it good for these days, trying to somehow integrate the beginning of this post into the ending. 
nope. not happening. consider it a 2-for-1.)

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