June 4, 2012

winning while losing...

those of you who have been keeping up with my boys via the blog over the last two years will know that anth has been focused on sending me off to the Biggest Loser Ranch on more than one occasion.

occasion one

occasion two

bless his heart.

bern and i have decided to try to be healthier during the month of June than we have been over the last few months.
when life gets busy, exercise goes away and the savarese menu, quite frankly, gets downright silly.
like the mature adults we are, we decided to have a contest in order to make this happen.
i was explaining this to anthony when we were planning dinner the other night, and i shared that i would really love to try to lose 5 pounds.

anth stopped what he was doing. 
he looked at me and, completely straight-faced, asked, "really, mom? 5 pounds? maybe 6?"
these are the moments we remind ourselves how much we love our offspring.

on that note, i'm off for an evening of italian fare with a former-student-turned-friend before he heads off to Chicago.
clearly, i am less competitive than i am hungry.

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