August 2, 2012

when the USA wins, we all win

at least according to ben.
who ran around the living room yelling "i get a medal!"
. . . shortly after anthony screamed "we just got a medal!" while i was making popcorn in the kitchen.

one of ben's classroom TAs shared this picture with me today.
it looks a lot like ben finding out that the US team didn't actually earn him a medal.
just picture my living room in the background.

note: this TA is a gem and does not normally stand around taking pictures of ben crying.
i promise.
his teachers set up long jump markers on the floor today and were letting the kids jump and mark their distance with masking tape.
according to ben, this is a picture of "me being fwustwated because i jumped a 2 and i usually jump a 3."
perhaps i got him a little too excited about the olympics. . .

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