January 11, 2013

fail photo friday: false allegations

today, some of my colleagues and i went through a training to become Hearing Officers here at Ohio State.
toward the end, my brain had taken in more information than it could officially process. 
so, i'm about 97 % clear on the process. 
which is, i'm sure, what our students would love to hear. 
(disclaimer: i will consult on anything that is unclear in the event of a real case.)

toward the end of the day, i received this email from one of benny's lead daycare teachers.
the email was really cute. 
until about halfway through. 
when it becomes highly unfair and falsified in the information presented. 

in all honesty, bern actually does his fair share of cooking around our house. 
and, i do my fair share of sampling people's food. 
however, i like savory food items. 
(except for Thin Mints, cheesecake and carrot cake.)
i am no cookie monster. 

more importantly? 

bern is off at an event tonight, so i asked benny about this at dinner. 
he gave me a sideways look and said, "i know who makes those cookies, really."
this was good enough for me. 

so, Chelsea, i plead not guilty.
or, in the non-criminal terminology i learned today, i feel that i am not responsible for the listed charges.
or something like that. 
i think this part was in the last 3%.

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