September 20, 2013

damaged silly bones and other crises

i wish you could hang out with benny for significant periods of time. 
because if you did, you might have a blog. 
or at least this encounter, from 30 minutes ago. 

benny was helping me get a dry erase marker out of the desk drawer. 
we needed one to draw an airplane on our family calendar. 
while doing this, he hit is funny bone and collapsed into Anth's arms in a pile of tears. 
as he explained, it "really hurts to hit your silly bone."
i clarified that it was actually called a "funny bone." 
at this point benny stopped crying. 
the look on his face was of serious concern. 
he walked into the dining room to tell bernie, "daddy. i just hit my funny bone. . . so i lost one of my jokes. i think it was my number one joke."

bless bernie's heart. 
he didn't skip a beat. 
he walked benny through all of his regular hits from ridiculous bathroom jokes to tissues with boogies in them (a la daddy's colleague Nicole Craven).
and all was right in the world again. 
it seems that benny's silly bone was lightly bruised, but not seriously injured on impact. 

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