October 15, 2013

Ho! Ho! Ho! (...No?)

Dear Colleagues,

Dear Friends and Family, 

Dear Everyone,

i must aplogize.
it seems i made an error in judgment on my way in to work on monday.
it started when benny asked, "can i pick the CD today, mommy?"
and ended when i replied, "sure!"

how was i to know that he had the wrong CD case?
and that when he said, "i want the green CD," and i okayed this, that he would pass the Glee Christmas CD up front?
(volume 2, in case you were wondering.)
(which, likely, you weren't.)

because i had already approved this choice, i put the CD in and let it go.
benny was instantly thrilled becuase he knew the songs.
the kid loves a sing-a-long.
who am i to get in the way of a 5-year-old and a hearty sing-a-long?
even if it is to Santa Claus is Comin' to Town. . .

if i was a less distracted person these days, i might have removed the CD by now.
evidently, i am not a less distracted person.
i know this, because it is now tuesday evening. 
and because the staff member getting out of car next to me this morning gave me a bit of a funny look when they realized that it was Do You Hear What I Hear flooding out of my car. 
but, come on. 
that's kind of hilarious. 
becuase that is exactly what they were doing in that moment. 
i smiled and shrugged and headed toward my office in Lincoln Tower. 
explaining just seemed kind of impossible at that moment.  
because, really, now that i have heard my favorite holiday song, River, i sort of want to keep listening to Christmas music. 
and decorate my house in white lights. 
and drink cocoa by the fire under snuggly blankets. 
Macy's would be proud of me. 

so, colleagues/friends/family/neighbors. . .i apologize. 
for singing christmas music. 
in mid-october. 

bernie - feel free to intervene at any time and swap out the CD in my car. 
you are much more likely to remember this than i am. 

Happy Holidays  
Happy Halloween!
Happy Tuesday!


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