April 22, 2014

Carversations with Benny

benny has many awesome moments in the car.
usually it is when he is waxing philosophical on some topic or another.

it was a nice light way to start the morning.

actually, the conversation started more as a statement.
"hey, mom?"
"did you know god has no hands?"
"um. no. how do you know that?"
as it turns out, one of his classmates had told him this.

we paused for a moment.
and i asked if he thought god might have feet.
"MOM. of course...how else would he walk around in outer space?"
apparently benny's version of god defies the laws of gravity.
and walks around the galaxy.

this of course led to benny asking what god really looks like.
i told him that many people had many different ideas about that.
which, of course, was a totally useless answer in benny's eyes.
then, "mom! you know how you can get an answer, right?"
"for this one, not really."
(he tends to overemphasize my name when he finds me to be useless.)
". . . just Google it. they'll know."

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