May 2, 2014

grammar lessons from benjamin

i absolutely love the fact that both of my boys are still willing to hold my hand in public. 
i almost hesitate to write this, just in case it jinxes me. 
but, to date, neither of them has fully realized what an embarrassment i am. 

the one time i consistently struggle to snag benny's hand is on the way in or out of his daycare facility. 
his classroom is at the end of a long hallway, and he loves to run/skip/you-name-it down that hallway. 
anything but walk. 

on wednesday morning, he slowed down as we were getting closer to his room. 
so i gave it a whirl and asked, "hey benny. can i hold your hand?"
he picked up his pace, opened the door to his room, and didn't even look at me as he responded, "nope. and i think you mean 'may,' not 'can.'"

my 6th grade English teacher, Mrs. Kendall, would have been proud. 
. . .of ben. 

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