May 11, 2014

bless my mother's heart

my poor mom. 
i wanted to put up a nice photo for a post in honor of Mother's Day. 
i had to dig deep to try to find a photo where i am not making some silly face or another. 
all the way back to 2002. 
where i'm not technically looking at the camera anyway. . . 

luckily, she also has Katie:

we have a full day of lunching and baseball and swim lessons here. 
the boys have been gems today. 
they've been helping around the house. 
and, generally, getting along. 
benny has told me my gift is to get to build his new iron man Lego set with him. 
considering one of the boys usually gets named for this role, it's a big deal. 
and, as a big believer that time is a gift, I couldn't love the gesture more. 

my favorite part of the day so far?
the boys taking turns on a Highlights hidden picture game. 
check out the concentration. 

but, to me, the part that melted this momma's heart was happening behind the scenes. . . 

the foot kills me. 
i'm so grateful for two sweet boys, and a wonderful mother, to celebrate today!

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