May 9, 2014

fail photo friday: what my fitbit is really telling me

i have started wearing a Fitbit. 
this, in and of itself, was an accomplishment for me. 
i received it through a Your Plan For Health incentive program at work. 
in November. 
and manged to take it out of the box in April. 

i have really enjoyed wearing it, and i'm glad by friend Janet convinced me to turn it on. 
as far as steps go, it's a great little motivator. 

the "floors," or sets of stairs climbed, however. . . 
not so much. 

technically, this says i went up/down 38 flights of stairs. 
pretty good, right? 
not really. 
because i know the real story.

this is what that particular day actually looked like, in stairs: 

go down to make breakfast: 1
go back up to get ready for day: 1
come back down to get benny to do something he is avoiding doing: 1
back up to finish getting ready: 1
back down to leave house for work: 1
climb up stairs to get to office building: 1
leave for meeting: 1
come back: 1
leave to go home: 1
go upstairs to put on my PJs at 6:00 pm because i lack shame: 1
back down to make dinner/hang out with folks: 1
up to get benny a book to read: 1
down to read book: 1
up to wash my face/get boys ready for bed: 1
down to watch TV/read/yap at bernie: 1
up to bed: 1

that would be a total of 16, give or take. 
so...where are the other 22?
that, my friends, is the golden question. 
because THIS is what my fitbit is really telling me:
i am, completely and thoroughly, no longer able to remember basic things. 

if my fitbit had an audio capture in the 5-10 seconds before i walked those stairs, it would be filled with statements like this: 
"oh! my phone!"
"ack! wallet!"
"did i just make and leave my coffee downstairs?"
"shoot. phone cord."
"have you seen my red shoes?"
"i thought you said you would grab the tickets."
"we're about to leave. where did anth go?"

poor bernie. 
he is the human extension of my failing memory. 
before i spend too much time thinking about where a lost item is, i just ask him. 
and he knows. 
almost every time. 

so, this is what my fitbit says: 38 floors
this is what is should say: 38 floors (16 intentional) 
or, perhaps: 16 purposeful floors, 22 oops floors, please ingest ginko biloba. 

i may be the only fitbit user hoping to see a decrease in the "floors" category over time. . .

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