May 6, 2014

going grey: turns out, i'm impatient

about a month ago, I posted about my choice to go grey. 
that, in and of itself was an interesting choice. 
but, to be completely honest, as the writer of a blog that started out with the sole purpose of capturing the silly moments in the lives of my kids, i consistently grapple with posting things entirely about myself. 
in my eyes, if you came here for a laugh about what my offspring decided to to it a bait-and-switch to get a post from me about what i did inside my brain?
or, in this case, with my follicles. 

but, i digress. 
per usual. 
due to the nature of that whole "time" concept, my boys are continuing to get older. 
as they do, I fully intend to blog about life around the Savvy abode. 
but, i also feel a need to more carefully choose what I share, out of respect for the more cognizant beings they are becoming. 
and so i have some special stories saved only for their future partners...

i am currently taking Brene Brown's online course. 
as I am working through topics like letting go of comparing, embracing creativity, and cultivating concepts like play and calm (all a work in progress for me), i have been spending a lot of time thinking about the peace that comes with allowing myself to be more 
part of that has been allowing myself to be a character in my own darn blog.
without feeling selfish. 
or like i gave the blog the wrong name. . . 

another part of the authenticity journey was the grey hair. 
it's relieving and exciting at the same time. 
i wanted to share some photos with my mom and sister. 
i thought that a side-by-side comparison would show my progress over the last few weeks:

turns out, they look basically the same after 4 weeks. 
anyone who knows me well, knows that I can lack patience. 
actually, acquaintances likely know this about me as well. 
full authenticity?
people who have passed me in Target probably recognize this about me. 
sadly, i have not taken a course on patience as of late. . . 

in mid-april, i had some highlights put in to try to create some variation/have less of a skunk stripe. 

now i have three hair colors instead of two. 
i'm still not sure if that was an improvement. 
it seems that my joke about looking like a Zebra was actually an accurate prediction:

apparently the right side of my head is much more grey than the left. 
because of course I would have some sort of pigment-driven version of a mullet.

who knew it would be going grey that got me into the business of taking selfies. 
that look oddly like Ray-Ban product placement. . .  
if i could be one of those creepy pull-her-hair-to-make-it-grow dolls from my childhood, I would. 
because, it seems, i have a long way to go. 

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