August 15, 2014

our little beasts in the wilds

so, apparently, i have a blog. 
i seem to have forgotten that. 
the good news is, i start classes next week, so we should really be on the up and up for the next few years...

it seems as though i went in here a month or so ago and uploaded some photos. 
and then never looked back. 
so, here are some old photos. . . 

in July, we took a little "staycation" and had some fun in the Columbus area. 
early in the week, we also went out to The Wilds and did an open-air tour. 
it was a really great time and the boys had a blast!

look at that mug. 

The Wilds is a conservation center in Ohio, and the tour started out looking a lot like this. 

and this. 

and, when we came upon our first animals. . . this. 

fortunately, the rest of them that day turned to face in our direction. 

there were occasional stops where we were able to get out and explore. 

and even feed the animals. :) 
and, at one point, ben made this face. 
i'm not sure what this particular face is. 
angry? debonair? 
but here you have it. 

me, my grey hair, and the boys. 
ben still looks uncertain about everything. 
perhaps it was the tiger behind us. 

oh, ben.
also: important life updates. . . 
ben, formerly known has benny, has asked to be called ben moving forward. 

that's better. 
this is the smile we usually see. 

too. much. 
love them. 

this was benny's favorite stop. :)
for real. 
i just typed "benny." 
this is going to take a while. 

i love some sassy signage. 

they gave us a little guide to keep track of all the animals we saw. 
clearly, anth took the wheel on this one. 

this gem came UP to the bus. 
and started pecking (do ostriches peck?) at the bolts on the outside of the bus. 

the giraffe wasn't cooperating. 

while we were off having our family adventure, rocky was off having. . . his own. 
so we picked up our very sleepy, and slightly high, puppy on the way home. 

more summer antics to come. . .
in, like, november. 

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