December 4, 2012

what would YOU ask The Bloggess?

dear you, 


i was recently given the opportunity to do a radio interview with Jenny Lawson. 
more commonly referred to as The Bloggess. 
because she writes a blog. 
called, The Bloggess. 
among others. 
if you are in the unfortunate situation of not having previously read her blog, you should remedy that. 
now. (this is from today and is a post about her life with an Elf on the Shelf.)
(here is a post about my failures with our own Ernie the Elf.)
(why is his name Ernie? glad you asked. explanation here.)
warning, she does not hold back when it comes to language, niceties, etc. 

read her blog. 
for real. 
it's hilarious. 
unless you are easily offended. 
then, well, sorry. 
read something else. 
this is one of her more famous posts
(. . .)

i may like her a lot. 
as in, this is in my office:

(this picture also nicely highlights my need to dust the far right section of my desk.)
some of my colleagues in other states may also have this framed print, sent to them at Christmas last year. 
if this picture makes no sense to you, then you didn't read the notable post i included above. 
shame on you. 
you're missing out. 
also. Jenny Lawson wrote a book
but don't read that, right now. 
you aren't done with this post. 
you can read it after that. 

she is doing an interview with Writer's Talk
former USACer, Doug Dangler, has interviewed Jenny previously, and called me to see if i would be interested in doing her second one with the program. 
i'll be honest. 
public speaking makes me nervous. 
but at least then you have hand gestures. 
or can point at something and say, "look!"
i have NO idea what do to. 
or what i'm doing. 
but now i get to go and do that which i have no idea how to do next Wednesday. 
this should be fun for everyone. 
here's where you come in. . .

1. i'm still looking for a current OSU student who wants to co-interview! want in? have suggestions? let me know ASAP!

2. have a burning question for The Bloggess? let me know that, too!
currently, i have: 

- why are you so awesome?
- tell me about your writing process?
- can we be friends? and, 
- you're so funny. 
which is not a question. 
simply a fact. 

clearly, i need help. 
thanks in advance. 


1 comment:

  1. shoot, I was going to say "why are you so awesome?"
    hmm... good luck! I met her (briefly) at a book reading/signing she did in LA earlier this year, she is just lovely. :)